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Elagabalus – Antiquarian Black MIDI Review/Interview


I saw Elagabalus for the first time in 2014 at a now defunct venue called F.H. Pappy’s in York. This was still the beginning of me going to shows and as per usual I was unreasonably drunk, because at the time that was the only way I could bring myself to socialize. So most of the bands I saw during that period, are just sort of a blur. Then there are those few bands that cut through that drunken fog and stuck with me. Elagabalus was one of those bands.

There’s a certain feeling I get every time……

Episode IX: Woman to Woman

Are You Morbid? - A Heavy Metal Podcast

Intro Music
“Consisting of/or adjacent to” by Wrath of Typhon from the album Kingdom of Fear

Band Page:
Buy The Album:

Our first in what will more than likely be a series of episodes celebrating the oft under-appreciated contributions to heavy metal, we present 15 of our favorite albums featuring one or more female vocalists. From bassists to guest vocalists, dominatrixes to anarchists, we turn the spotlight onto some certified classics, and a few controversial picks as well. We discuss the reasons behind the hate some of these women have gotten, their roles in establishing genres……

Bloggers Wanted

Bloggers Needed - Are You Morbid? - A Heavy Metal Podcast

As some of you might know if you’re a listener, the intention of this blog is to supplement the base show with album and show reviews, editorials, possibly interviews and more. Unfortunately the core research we do doesn’t allow us much time to make the blog active.

We’d like to change that. We’re looking for a few good people interested in sharing their thoughts on heavy metal new and old on a regular basis. No restrictions, no assignments, no time limits. We just need content. We can’t offer financial restitution but we will plug your band, art, blog, photography, etc on……

Episode VIII: Doomsayers, Stoners, and Killer Klowns from Illinois

Are You Morbid? - A Heavy Metal Podcast

In what is appropriately, and perhaps ironically their longest most bloated episode to date, we start the show with Don’s report on Warped Tour and the recent controversy it’s brought on, and moves right along to a rant about the horrible human being Otep Shamaya has shown herself to be, then Zach continues the ravings with a dig at some shitty Kreator fans. Finally getting on topic (for the most part) the guys discuss 3 sub-genres of Doom metal. Don, tackles some early work by the notorious Peaceville Three, and other death/doom from our European friends, Iain takes on the……

Episode VII: The Legend of Listener Picks II: and the Legend Continues

Are You Morbid? - A Heavy Metal Podcast

Albums Featured

Hour of Pennance – Cast The First Stone
Ten – Spellbound
Deep Purple – Perfect Strangers
Deathhammer – Forever Ripping Fast
All Hell – The Red Sect
The Owls Are Not What They Seem – Hearth
Schammash – Triangle
Infernal Majesty – None Shall Defy
Various Artists – Saw: The Official Soundtrack
Sepultura – Schizophrenia
God Mother – Maktbehov
Otraca/Flesh Born – Faces of the Moving Year

Music By The Owls Are Not What They Seem:

Episode VI: Listener Picks Part 1: First Blood: Reckoning

Are You Morbid? - A Heavy Metal Podcast

PARAKEET WARNING: Don’s normally silent birds had a lot to say for the first third of the episode. you will hear some bird sounds. If it bothers you, they calm down about 30 minutes in, and are completely absent after the first hour. Skip ahead or check out an earlier episode. Birds will be banished next week.

Nothing but fan service as we dig into 11 albums recommended to us by friends and each recommend 1 of our own albums discussed are:

You’ll Live – Moving Past This (Mike Mojecki)
KISS – Destroyer (Bryan McMinn)
Behemoth – Demigod (Jesse Keiser)
Axis of Peridition – urfe……

Episode V: Reelin’ In the Metal Years

Are You Morbid? - A Heavy Metal Podcast

An in depth look at the Penelope Spheeris cult classic Rockumentary film The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years. The Good, the bad, the ass-less chaps. We cover it all, from the bands featured and where they wound up to the deeper themes just under the surface of the debauchery. The exploitation of women, the ethics of the pay to play system touted by Bill Gazzari, the lessons learned from Chris Holmes, and more. Plus the industrial connection between Killing Joke and Faster Pussycat, Lizzy Borden revisited, half harmonized Jeff Foxworthy impersonations, our weekly praise of Lemmy,……

Episode IV: DR. Strangelars or: How I Learned to Stop Expecting Quality & Love Death Magnetic

Are You Morbid? - A Heavy Metal Podcast

In our first format busting episode the boys of AYM take an emotional journey across the treacherous ocean that is Metallica’s discography. The highest highs, the Lulu-est lows, the stakes are high and tempers flare as we move from the nigh untouchable first 4 albums to the musical equivalent of a flaming skull chain wallet with velcro that is Load and Reload, to the laziness of Garage Inc, the “why?” of S&M, Some Kind of Temper Tantrum that is St. Anger to the “return to form” of more recent years. Plus Iain shares some thoughts on the latest MDF, Zach……

Episode III: Concept Albums Volume 1: Beyond Thunderdome

Are You Morbid? - A Heavy Metal Podcast

In a surprisingly dark but somewhat coherent episode, Zach, Don & Iain take a look back on some of metal’s most beloved concept albums, and a few hidden gems too. Hear Don’s defense of England’s most maligned black metal band, Iain shares the tale of a doomed viking expedition to Ireland, and Zach shed’s light on a mostly forgotten Troma-esque crossover thrash album. Behold as the boys explore Nihilism, the lost appeal of power metal in the states, and what may be the darkest album the podcast will ever talk about. Plus Olivia Hussey’s bosom, Slayer’s lyrical laziness, and Nietzsche’s……

Episode II: One Album Wonders

Are You Morbid? - A Heavy Metal Podcast

In the first episode they aren’t too embarrassed to tell more than 3 people about, an episode so massive its run time exceeds the length of Siege’s entire entire recorded output 10 times over, Iain, Don & Zach select 13 of their favorite “One Album Wonders” bands with one full length release or fewer, and two bands remembered for a single influential release. Bands include Lykathea Aflame, Cynic, Sempiternal Deithreign, Repulsion, Thorns, Morbid Saint, Gotham City, Black Knight and more. Thrill as 3 white men discuss women’s role in music, the irony of intolerance in metal , the importance of……