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XVI – Magic(k) Metal; or, With Apologies to Ashencult

What happens when 4 sleepy dudes attempt to talk about esoteric occult knowledge and heavy metal? the episode length gets out of control. From Thelema to Heathenry, Celtic pagan revivalists to cosmic luciferians. We talk about magick and the men who love it while our own coherance slowly drifts away. Listen as a semingly dignified and respectful discussion of occult knowledge devolves into recollections of Spongebob in-jokes from 6 years ago. Oh yeah we had a guest host.

Albums Discussed

Nefilim – Zoon
Wolves In The Throne Room – Celestial……

XV – Lovecraft & Metal: A Beginner’s Guide

Tonight, on a very special Are You Morbid? we welcome our friends from Night (Bobby & Matt) over for a a discussion of Author H.P. Lovecraft. Taking a break from our usual album by album breakdown format, we instead give an EXTREMELY brief overview of the author, and take an in depth look at his long association with Heavy Metal and his influence on our own lives. We discuss how Lovecraft’s literary rediscovery corresponds to his work being integrated into heavy metal, the genres that use his work most commonly, the……

BONUS EPISODE: Of Derby and Demiurge

Former and future co-host Max (Horde of The Eclipse, The Beyond, Storm of Damnation) sits down with Issac, Andy, Will, & Darren from MoMe at the third and possibly final Shadow Woods Metal Festival. They talk about the bands music, past and present, and the unique vibe the Shadow Woods Metal Fest has provided fans and musicans a like.  plus Ray of Panopticon/Falls of Rauros and Tim from Zud stops discusses former project if and it. If you enjoyed our talk With Mary about putting this fest together, you’ll want to……

Episode XII Show Notes

Witchburner – Witchburner
Country: Fulda, Hesse (Ger)
Formed: 1992
Disbanded: N/A
Released: 1996
Label: N/A
Producer: N/A
Artwork: N/A
Simon Seegel – Guitars
Tankred Best – Vocals, Drums
Florian Schmidt – Guitars
Tony Skudlarek – Bass
The band was formed by Tankred Bess and Florian Schmidt in 1992. They recorded their first demo Future Tales in 1994, however it was never officially released due to the band’s dissatisfaction with the production quality.
After “Future Tales” the band took what would be the first of many hiatuses as Tankred decided to help out the band Drunken Devil. This commitment ended……

XIV – Halloween Metal

Tis the Season to be spooky. Join us on a trip through the bowels of metal as we celebrate the best heavy metal albums to get you in the spirit of the season. Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, Vampires, Wizards, Goth Chicks and of course our old pal Satan are all in focus this week with our usualy blend of masterworks and rarities. Penises nailed to chairs, bad southern accents, Slayer piss, and the suprisingly much more metal history behind a King Diamond classic.

Albums Discussed

Rob Zombie – Hellbilly Deluxe
King Diamond – the……