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XX – Origins of North American Tech Death (1991-1997)

A look back at the origins of Tech Death, exploring the debuts and stylistic evolutions that built the genre. The musicians, the studios, labels and cities that took old school death metal beyond its roots and into the realm of virtuosity. From all time classics to forgotten treasures we cover virtually every debut album released within the first years of the genres existence  and the pinnacle moments in genre forefathers Death and Sadus’ existence that took them beyond their roots. up until the dawn of the 21st century. 

Albums Discussed

Nile – Early……

XX – The Origins of North American Tech Death (1988-1997) Show Notes



Quartz correction – Tony Iommi was the producer of Quartz debut, not Martin Birch, which provides a more clear link between Geoff Nichols and Sabbath.


R.I.P Warrel Dane


Other Bands


Accursed – Satanic Ritual (Demo) – NY based band formed in 1988 that released this and a less widely available demo called Cries of Blasphemy in 1990. Notable for being far more Satanic than a bulk of tech death bands at the time. Broke up at an unknown point sometimes after


Necrotic Mutation – Another Quebec band, active as Disaster……

XIX – Guitar Gods & Godless Guitarists

The Great Kat will always be the podcast teams favorite guitarist, but here’s 15 albums featuring some guitarists we like almost as much.  From shed legends to death metal gurus, we cover a wide range of styles and genres and time periods 

Albums Discussed

Impellteri – stand in line
Cacopheny – speed metal symphony
Yngwie malmsteens rising force – rising force
Vinnie Moore – minds eye
Racer X – Street Lethal
James Murphy – Convergence
Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick
Black Dahlia Murder – Everblack
Nile – Ithyphallic
Emperor – Anthems……