Monthly archives: March, 2018

XXVI – Putting the Fun in Funeral Doom

A look at some early innovators and modern masters of Funeral Doom plus some suprises to clense the pallette and the soul. 


Funeral – Tragedies

Skepticism – StormCrowFleet

Ysigim – Ain Soph Or

Esoteric – Epistemological Despondency

Вой – Кругами вечности (Howl – Circles of Eternity)

Thergothon – Stream from the Heavens

Bell Witch – Longing

Tyranny – Aeons in Tectonic Interment

Mournful Congregation – The June Frost

Ahab – Call of the Wretched Sea

Worship – Dooom

Pantheist – O Solitude

XXV – Nerd Metal

Classic Literature, Comics, Video Games, Cartoons, Stupid fashion trends a subset of goth kids seem to like for some reason. We spend a few hours decompressing after a month of depressing ass black metal to talk about 18 bands that make music that would have gotten you bullied up until the release of Avengers. The usual histories with plenty of asides.