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XX – The Origins of North American Tech Death (1988-1997) Show Notes



Quartz correction – Tony Iommi was the producer of Quartz debut, not Martin Birch, which provides a more clear link between Geoff Nichols and Sabbath.


R.I.P Warrel Dane


Other Bands


Accursed – Satanic Ritual (Demo) – NY based band formed in 1988 that released this and a less widely available demo called Cries of Blasphemy in 1990. Notable for being far more Satanic than a bulk of tech death bands at the time. Broke up at an unknown point sometimes after


Necrotic Mutation – Another Quebec band, active as Disaster……

Episode XVII – Genre Benders Show Notes

Unexpect – In A Flesh Aquarium


Country: Montreal, Quebec
Years Active: 1996-2015

Released: August 22nd, 2006
Label: The End Records

Studio: Hertzquake Studio.
Syriak (Eryk Chapados) – Guitars, Vocals
Artagoth (Stéphane English) – Guitars, Vocals
Le Bateleur (Charles Crépeau) – Violin
Leïlindel – Vocals
ChaotH – Bass
Landryx – Drums

Syriak – Producer

Serge Cossette – Engineering,……

Episode XVI Supplemental – Ashencult Notes & Lyrics

Email interview between Algar (bass, vocals) and I (Max)


Me: “Hey, Al. Some of my Harrisburg pals do a podcast and they invited me on for an occult episode. The 3 or 4 of us will pick a few albums, everyone will listen and read the lyrics on their own time, then we discuss in the episode what the band is about, who would like, etc. Ashencult is one of my picks, obviously. I’m going to give my dudes the lyrics you sent me, but they won’t be publicly released of course. (though I may quote a……

Episode XVI – Magic(k) Metal Show Notes


Mention sponsors

Thank Thomas Thorn, and Ashencult & Jesse Pollock’s book

My feelings on magic:

I want to say this at the top because Other than those of musicians that have proven themselves to be horrible people, I don’t want to hurt any feelings on this show. Magic as it is traditionally understood rubs my deep rooted sense of cosmic nihilism and thoughts on man’s utter insignificance in the universe make it hard for me to accept that we as human beings have the ability to tap into unseen forces, or that any unseen entities would give a shit about anything we do…….

Episode XV – LoveCraft & Metal : An Intro Recommendations List

Recomendations List
Note that the term “Everything” denotes that we are recommending the bands entire catalog, there are no albums titled Everything.

Black Metal
Arkham – Chapter III, the Madness from the Sea (Black Metal/Dark Ambient)
Fiendlord – Neuromancy (Symphonic Black)
Hypnos – Arcane Moon (Atmospheric Black)
The Great Old Ones – Everything (Post-Black Metal)
Astrophobos – Remnants of Forgotten Horrors (Black Metal)
Crafteon – Cosmic Reawakening (Black Metal)
Ancient Niggurath – Horrors and Wonders (Avant -Garde Black Metal)
Barabas – The Arrival of Yog-Sothoth (Black)
yag kosha – Demo/Dagon Comp (Black Metal)
Ultar – Kaddath (Post-Black)
ceremonial castings – Cthulue……

Episode XIV – Halloween Metal Show Notes


Rob Zombie – Hellbilly Deluxe: 13 Tales of Cadaverous Cavorting Inside the Spookshow International
Country: Hollywood, CA (White Zombie = New York)
Formed: 1997
Disbanded: N/A
Released: August 25th, 1998
Label: Geffen
Producer: Scott Humphrey
Studio: Chop Shop, Hollywood, California (Humphry’s home studio)
Artwork: Basil Gogos
Rob Zombie – vocals, lyrics, music, production
[Mike] Riggs – guitar
[Rob Nicholson] Blasko – bass
[John] Tempesta – drums

Recording of the album began while White Zombie was on a hiatus of sorts. While the band was officially “broken up” they had the intention of reconvening after a year to see if they……

Episode XIII – Teutonic Speed: Rise to Power Episode Notes

Intro Stuff
Quick correction to last episode, I may have mentioned Axel Theubeville as a member of Stratovarius last week, this is not the case, he was simply the founder of Shark Records which has a relationship with the band and sometimes co produced with Timo Tolkki
General correction/clarification, we mentioned Steeler a lot, want to specify that there are two prominent bands called Steeler, the one in America that was formed by Ron Keel, and the german Steeler featuring Axel Rudi Pell
Big shout out to Iron Fist’s recent Noise features and to author, David Gehlike who wrote Damn……

Episode XII Show Notes

Witchburner – Witchburner
Country: Fulda, Hesse (Ger)
Formed: 1992
Disbanded: N/A
Released: 1996
Label: N/A
Producer: N/A
Artwork: N/A
Simon Seegel – Guitars
Tankred Best – Vocals, Drums
Florian Schmidt – Guitars
Tony Skudlarek – Bass
The band was formed by Tankred Bess and Florian Schmidt in 1992. They recorded their first demo Future Tales in 1994, however it was never officially released due to the band’s dissatisfaction with the production quality.
After “Future Tales” the band took what would be the first of many hiatuses as Tankred decided to help out the band Drunken Devil. This commitment ended……