John Gallagher – guitar, vocals
Sean Beasley – bass, vocals
Trey Williams – drums
Formed in 1991, Dying Fetus are an American Death Metal band from Marlboro, Maryland known for their consistent hook laden structures, characterized blast beats, slamming and complexed riffs, heavy breakdowns and have lyrics discussing political/ modern themes notable in Death Metal today. Released on June 23rd, 2017 through Relapse Records Wrong One To Fuck With is the eighth full-length effort followed up to 2012’s “Reign Supreme.” which in my opinion was Dying Fetus’s most established, circumcised and intelligent albums the band has put out in their 20 year career
. With the latest album Wrong One To Fuck With, the members from Dying Fetus came together to create a fine representation of Death Metal.  The production, and distinctive barrier sounds are flawless, and the unquestionable brutality is an unrelenting assault on the senses. Death metal never sounded so memorable and catchy while still being this technically profecient. Thisx album represents a return to their roots while still representing a technical evolution that simultaneously balances infectious grooves, and fantastic chemistry. This album deserves the highest praise possible. With tracks like Panic Amongst the Herd, Ideological Subjugation and Die With Integrity, The band manages to integrate a surprising amount of Melodic signatures with their highly violent lyrical themes.  The mix of grindcore influence with highly technical death metal is mind bendingly satisfying. If i had one complaint it’s that the treble could be a little higher in the mix. All in all this is a blood boiling and demented whiplash frenzy that perfectly summarizes the same-old Dying Fetus we’ve come to know and appreciate. Overall, Dying Fetus has maintained the monstrous sense of brutality they’ve been building over their 26 year career. If you enjoyed Reign Supreme do not let the title fool you because this is an album you do want to fuck with.

–Jake Butler