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“Consisting of/or adjacent to” by Wrath of Typhon from the album Kingdom of Fear

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Our first in what will more than likely be a series of episodes celebrating the oft under-appreciated contributions to heavy metal, we present 15 of our favorite albums featuring one or more female vocalists. From bassists to guest vocalists, dominatrixes to anarchists, we turn the spotlight onto some certified classics, and a few controversial picks as well. We discuss the reasons behind the hate some of these women have gotten, their roles in establishing genres we know and love, and the connections to our heavy metal heroes. Plus,  a fuck you to Brian “Dickhead” Welch, The reincarnation of Beethoven revealed, connections to British royalty, iCarly, and a segment destined to push away any of our fans named Cody.

Note: Lots of hard to pronounce names and bands in this episode.

Albums Featured

  • Derketa – In Death We Meet
  • Iskra – Bureval
  • Myrkur – M
  • Bolt Thrower – Realm of Chaos
  • Devin Townsend Project – Addicted
  • Abnormality – Mechanisms Of Omniscience
  • Entheos – The Infinite Nothing
  • Warlock – Burning The Witches
  • Huntress – Starbound Beast
  • Plasmatics – Coup d’Etat
  • Bitch – Be My Slave
  • The Great Kat – Worship Me or Die
  • Hellion – Screams in the Night
  • Holy Moses – Queen of Siam
  • Rock Goddess – Rock Goddess

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