Our 10th episode and our first “WildCard” where everyone picks their own topic. We we’re joined by close friend and musician Max Shoop (Horde of The Eclipse, The Beyond, Storm of Damnation). Iain and Max give us a glimpse into the complex worlds of perrenial podcast favorites Akercocke, and The Axis of Peridition respectively, Don shares some of his personal favorites recomended by a mysterious CD Warehouse employee, and Zach explores the skeezy world of Cobra Records, and the underappreciated masterpieces they created. Plus the horrible effects of mold on the human esophegus, two anti-natalists laugh about pro-creation and Bob Dylan sings metal.

*Note. There are a few misspoken words and abbreviated segments in the Cobra segmant. I highly recomend reading our notes for clarification and additional info, plus full transcripts of my talks w/ Gord and Conrad. An Additional thank you to Joe Nutt for his help clearing up the Aftermath/Grudge/LoTCA situation*


Intro Music

Torture Ascendancy 1307

“Phosphorus Crown”


Additional Resources/Product Links

Virgin Steele & David Defeis

Gord & Piledriver
Conrad Taylor & The Denice Given Band

Exorcist & Original Sin Re-Releases

Axis Sources
Links for description:

Axis interview: http://hohlraum-ru.blogspot.com/2016/04/the-axis-of-perdition-interview.html

Urban Desolation Collective interview: http://hohlraum-ru.blogspot.com/2016/04/urban-desolation-collective-interview.html

Buy Axis CDs+Merch (Major discounts): http://www.auralwebstore.com/shop/index.php?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=axis&submit_search=

Buy Ahamkara CD: https://shop.bindrunerecordings.com/collections/bindrune-titles/products/ahamkara-uk-the-embers-of-the-stars-digipak-cd

Exitium Productions (Cassette reissues. Now defunct): https://exitiumprods.bandcamp.com/

Inverted Grim-Mill Recordings (Crabsu’s label I shouted out to): https://invertedgrim-millrecordings.bandcamp.com/

Aftermath Re-Releases