Email interview between Algar (bass, vocals) and I (Max)


Me: “Hey, Al. Some of my Harrisburg pals do a podcast and they invited me on for an occult episode. The 3 or 4 of us will pick a few albums, everyone will listen and read the lyrics on their own time, then we discuss in the episode what the band is about, who would like, etc. Ashencult is one of my picks, obviously. I’m going to give my dudes the lyrics you sent me, but they won’t be publicly released of course. (though I may quote a passage or two in episode)

    They asked me to reach out and see if you have anything to say about your beliefs at the time when writing the lyrics vs now if there was a change, and any general influences you can point to for our listeners to check out musical, literary, and spiritually. If not going overboard of me to ask, what inner alchemy you felt taking part in creating that art.”




“Hey dude!  That’s really cool.  Some friends and I also have a podcast called Strange Band of Misfits. (Links below)

We talk about movies, comics, books, food, games…random stuff we like.  I like podcasts.  Feel free to quote as much as you’d like. I never wanted the lyrics to be hidden as I was (still am actually…) pretty proud of most those lyrics. I’ll give a rundown about them, take whatever is useful.


For that album the lyrical themes weren’t very cohesive between songs which reflects the chaotic beginnings of the band and the frequent idea changes between other members and the direction they wanted to move (plus there were 3 songs on the album I didn’t write the lyrics to…).  The entire album lyrically was a mission statement to all the things we were into leading up to recording and the goal was to eventually elaborate more on the individual concepts with later albums revisiting in greater depth.  Some had been written years before unused in previous projects while others were written day of recording based simply on a title and composed around the concept of a few words.  Heavy musical influences on the lyrics were Dissection and Acid Bath.  A lot of our themes and occult interests had a heavy overlap with the later era of Dissection in regards to Chaos Gnosticism and Qliphothic/Draconian studies.  The actual lyrical style and obsession with death was inspired by Dax Riggs’ lyrics in Acid Bath.  Another inspiration in that regard is Cormac McCarthy and the way he used words to paint vivid pictures.  I tried to use those writing styles to illustrate stories of what I was reading and how I felt at that time.  I was reading a lot of Thomas Karlsson, Julius Evola and issues of Clavicula Nox.  For me, putting my feelings and beliefs into words and then screaming them helped bring me some clarity to my direction and forced me to analyze and improve myself.  I’ve always viewed writing lyrics as therapeutic so the lyrics are very personal as fantastical as they can seem at times.  I was in a very dark place in my life so while my spiritual beliefs since then are pretty much the same, my perspective on my purpose and fate has evolved through the years (although my outlook on the apocalypse, survival and obsession with mortality have not).  I still have very similar beliefs in regards to death, rebirth and reaching the next level of my spiritual existence but my comprehension of where I fit into it all is what changed which is pretty natural as life, death and experience in general are great yet harsh teachers.


I hope that makes sense.  My mind can be a ranting jumble sometimes especially lately.  I’ve had an interesting past few months that have made me reevaluate my priorities and put me on a quest to improve myself mentally.  Let me know if you need clarification or elaboration.”


“I wrote everything except Plague Revelation and Crumbling Pillars which were written by Enrique (now in Crypt Sermon) and Race of the Blood Insane which was written by Johan in Sweden.” (Bestial Mockery, Ensnared, Temple Below)


“It (My Tenth Death) was always one of my favorite tracks we did, concept/lyrics/art/physical release and the only recording I played any bass on (just the intro).  It was the next step after BFG, which was 9 tracks so it was like the 10th track thus “My 10th…” and then “Metempsychosis: 11″ being the 11th track.  That entire body of work was basically the first chapter of the band lyrically then I was going to move in different directions blah blah blah at least all those songs got released so I had no unused material… …Whore was one that Will had the title for when the band first started and I was reading some writings about Lilith the week we were recording and came up with them super fast.  Black Fires was a blatant ode to Dissection…”




  1. A Glorious Elegy (Algar)


Life – so easy to create

Even easier to destroy

One flash of light

One cut of a knife

All it takes to end everything

The desire to destroy

Hatred for all living things

Burns like napalm on the skin of small children

Trees engulfed in fire

Nature blanketed by the blaze

The inferno surrounds

Consuming without prejudice

Hope lost in mass confusion

A vision of heaven blinded by flames

Beauty lies like a charred corpse

Unrecognizable in its hideous form

Those who survive

Cursed with a slow, torturous death

Pain and fear is all they know

Praying to the fragile remains

The shell of their feeble god

My heart races

As I watch the world die

Man’s futile attempts

To delay the demise

An illusion of comfort

Safety harnessed for profit

One finger pushes the button

While the other pulls the trigger

Bombs drop and bullets fly

With no discretion

Just the intent to kill

Human systems devoured by raw force

Pure energy and chaos reign

The power of one being

The light intensifies

The glow of our lord Satan

Silhouetting the towering mushroom cloud

A monument celebrating the end


  1. The Isolate (Algar)


Walk the night








from this world

choose to cast

myself away

alone is how I must travel

this is where I find my strength

pushing the limits of body and mind

through starvation

and ritual self-abuse

vision and insight

isolated deprivation

meditation my medication

solitary violent conjuring

primitive inspiration

earth, fire, air, and water

mind, spirit, and soul

under the stars

from their violent creation

become the elements

slip away as connections strengthen

relearn what has been untaught

the gods of the forest

and those who dwell in the sea and sky

uncorrupted I spill my own blood

screams silenced by distance

the isolate-i am

and I am this sacrifice


  1. Plague Revelation (Enrique)


And in a blaze of fury

I call upon the black flame

Possessing the serpent’s tongue

I curse this treacherous existence

With the setting, of the ageless sun, the end of an era begun

Poised ignorance, the palace of faith crumbles

The holy spirit shall not speak

In darkest, divine solitude

I invoke vengeful disease

My faith lies in death

My path, paved with broken humanity

As a testament to my new path

Through the end of times I vow to see

The Deconstruction

Of humanity

Engulfing, consuming

The weaker with my dark


  1. Crumbling Pillars (Enrique)


Plaguing the night sky

Behold a holy tower,

An ominous filth above

…Longing for penance




Tearing away at holy fragments

Piece by piece the pillars dissolve

Castigate the king, his monarchs shall follow


Under the command of fire, the sky will alight

Gaze at illuminated otherworldly wonders


Cast down by

The vermin in the sky

One blazing fire

To burn down the pillars


Tearing at the cloth

Ridding ourselves of

Venomous control


One with disorder

Enshrouded behind smoke

Seeking to destroy

The faith and the lies

I am made of filth

Bereavement calls to me

A faceless one who will

Obscure light eternally

A fire

One Death, eternal


A dominion on its knees, mourn no loss for the weak

Burn the pillars which stand for purity

Cast down by

The vermin in the sky

One blazing fire

To burn down the pillars


Tearing at the cloth

Ridding ourselves of

Venomous control

Enlightened at the gates

Consume the light

Darkness must rule eternally

Behold the truth now

The Lost Moon wades

But there is no…..light.


  1. Race of the Blood Insane (Johan)


O Let us bring you back in time


Believe what you want still you shall die

And may all daimons curse ye lest I lie

Petronius 400 BC he feared the night.

Herodotos witnessed Neuri yearly rites


Mind consumed by an urge to kill

A nightly encounter of lust

Feral howls, may blood be spilled

Fangs through fingers thrust


Not even the burning of our remains

Will stop the race of our blood insane  

We, her predators that still stalk the night

A legion of werewolves howls our might!


Charlatan Marcellus of Side hear this;

Lycanthropy no melancholy obscure

Rather heeding the calling of blood

And for this madness there is no cure.


Not even the burning of our remains

Will stop the race of our blood insane  

We, her predators that still stalk the night

A legion of werewolves howls our might!         



  1. Dark Law/Black Fires of Chaos (Algar)


to chaos

i am your servant

slave to none

mental confines

restricting progress

the vast black expanse

between blood and life

from flesh to supreme gnosis

sacrifice and suicide

the equation to creation

with satan and tiamat

destroying the cosmos

with all the ancient ones

crushing your existence

chaos above so chaos below

embrace the dark forces

as they surround

blackened flames

engulfing earthly laws

cunsuming sun and star

with this summoning

unlimited power be mine


slave to none

mental confines

restricting progress

the vast black expanse

between blood and life

from flesh to supreme gnosis

sacrifice and suicide


with this awakening

strongly grasping divinity


crushing your existence

chaos above so chaos below

embrace the dark forces


  1. Awakening the Sunset (Algar)


with a tired mind

i begin the ascent

towards the sky i march

in this darkness seeking light

uphill it is a struggle

for i can hardly see the sun

as i walk and climb

it starts to rise

donating warmth and sight

awaken my unconscious

with the sun directly above

i drift away

i awake from deep sleep

descending down the slop

as the sun lowers in the sky

shadows grow and crawl

across the vast landscape

sunset to start the day

the black flame glowing in me

awake my new life begins


  1. The Whore and the Failure of Light (Algar)


Oh mother of the earth


upon the tree of life


spill the ruby elixer


together in union


with Samael in the nightside


the whore of knowledge


tempt me with your wisdom


fruitful lust in lunar light


bearer of immortal demon spawns


fornication ritual desire


possessed in impurity


astral sexual exploration


manifest yourself in me


with this blood i consume


Lilith transform me


in the shadows of the moon


i speak to the dead


through necrophilia


i hear your voice


all your power summoned


fornicate with me


and destroy this realm


reflect the darkness


show me your many faces


you dwell within me


lay dormant no more


escape my dreams


enter this physical world


bring chaos to me!


the failure of light


nocturnal strength


whore of hell


purify this blood


  1. (BFG Hidden track)


  1. My Tenth Death (Algar)


Look intently upon me

my eyes are closed

i’m not pretending to sleep

i’m simply waiting to die

trying to find meaning in nothingness

is the death of a healthy mind

trying to make sense of this

getting trapped in the maze of time

a shadow escaping that which cast it

a final breath attempting to return from where it came

there is no going back

the past is dead

suicide is a parasite killing it’s host

to destroy the being that gives you life

memories of dreams

the ghost of a frail god

the despair of a haunted sky

the welcoming smell of decay

life’s pain taking it’s toll

time is the noose on the neck of existence

as I eagerly anticipate my own demise

my life will be forgotten

but I shall return

with a prophecy of oblivion


  1. Metempsychosis: 11 (Algar)


(written on a bunch of receipts somewhere…)





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