Country: Höör, Sweden
Formed: 1995
Disbanded: N/A
Released: December 2nd, 2003
Label: Hammerheart Records

Joakim Jonsson Drums, Guitars
Martin Hanner Guitars, Keyboards
Henrik Wenngren Vocals
Jonas Sjögren Bass
Andreas Edlund

Behind the Boards:
Tommy Tägtgren – Engineering, Mixing
Peter Neuber – Mastering


My older brother has been into metal for as long as I can remember. He is now one of my best sources for discovering new music of all types of metal, and I like to try to do the same for him. Now, I don’t condone the idea of elitism in metal. I think it’s okay to have preferences, but you don’t have to be obtuse about it and deprecate every other sub-genre in the name of your favorite. I personally really enjoy black and death metal but a taste for deathcore & metalcore are creeping in, and when I expressed this to my brother, he sent me an older album (2003) called Mind Revolution by a Swedish melodic death metal band called Skyfire.
I won’t lie to you, it sounds very much of it’s time, but it’s thoroughly solid, and I highly recommend it. The album is incredibly versatile. It would work well as a nice starter for someone who is just trying to get into metal, or as a palate cleanser if you find yourself in need of something a little different. It’s less gritty than many of the bands I consider to be my favorites, but it’s still metal enough to get my fix, and, in the end, that’s what metal’s all about for me. I just need it to help me escape from my brain. If it can do that, it’s got my vote.
Mind Revolution sets its tone right away, and stays consistent throughout. It’s light enough for new metal fans, with stuttering, unpretentious rhythm guitar and easy-to-follow, trailing solos. Keyboards contribute to a rich, almost-epic sound. You will find no extra-crazy time signatures or high pig squeals that might deter newer fans in this album. Even the vocals are what I call “pleasantly distorted”; it’s still screaming but it’s pretty screaming. Particularly on the titular track, this quality is one of the main things that won me over with Skyfire. “Mind Revolution” sounds so desperate and raw, and, combined with the simple melody and catchy interludes, it’s the perfect combination of somber and powerful. If you can get your hands on the expanded version of this album, there are some extra songs that you shouldn’t miss. “Open Flower,” for example, is originally from their 1998 demo, “Within Reach” (which is also the name of a pretty cool track on the demo and thus the expanded version of Mind Revolution.) I can’t really explain what it is, but this song is particularly emotional for me, in a sad and lost kind of way.
The whole album does a great job of putting you in the headspace to feel, and deeply. It’s not going to bum you out or anything – but if you’re feeling a little numb, it’s a good place to go. So check it out! Send it to your buddy who keeps wanting to get into metal but keeps getting scared away by the heavier elements. Mind Revolution is a versatile album for metalheads, old and new.

Elizabeth Autumn Laster
AYM Blogger